Spring Valley's Worse Things I Could Do

Springvalley Worse Things I Could Do

Ch Spring Valley's Great Gatsby

Ch Sprngvly Spence O' Laurlcrest

Spring Valley's like Ike

Mshindaji's Seeing Red

Spring Valley's O My Darlin

Spring Valley's Jenny Jump

Spring Valley's Oliver

Ch Spring Valley's Peezee

Ch Spring Valley's Pee Dee

Ch Spring Valleys Absolut

Ch Crosswick's Dr Livingstone

Ch Spring Valley's Bit O Honey

Ch Crosswicks Spring Valleys De

Ch Spring Valley's Uppity Dude

Ch Crosswick's Debutante

Ch Of Afrikka's Giesele At Rollings

DC Of Afrikka Airborne Envoy RA SC AX AXJ

AAkemba King Astor Gi'fumo

Marsabit Mfumo

Simbashana's Givenchy

Of Afrikka's Roed Umbra

Calico Ridge Red Gold Zulu

Shaka Vi

Ch Deer Ridge Blixen of Afrika

Ch Deer Ridge's Walk the Plank SC

Ch Deer Ridge Sea King

Ch Deer Ridge Magical Milia

Wildside's Sweet November

Ch Calico Ridge Jolly Roger

Ch Sierra Ridge Special Tee